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Weiskopf et al. (2009) "The aging of the immune system." Transpl. Int. 22(11):1041-1050 (PubMed)

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  1. cytotoxicity and interleukin-2 response of natural killer cells decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  2. volume of perivascular space around thymus increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  3. chronic inflammation increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  4. Declining T-lymphocyte production in the thymus Digital Ageing Atlas
  5. chemotaxis and adhesion activity unchanged Digital Ageing Atlas
  6. B naive cells' susceptibility to apoptosis decreases Digital Ageing Atlas
  7. Naive cell number increases and memory cells decrease Digital Ageing Atlas
  8. pro-B cell generation and differentiation declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  9. number of mature B cells leaving the bone marrow declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  10. expansion into effector cells is reduced Digital Ageing Atlas
  11. function declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  12. immune response to Epstein-Barr virus decreases in cytomegalovirus positive individuals Digital Ageing Atlas
  13. increase in total number of cells Digital Ageing Atlas
  14. discrepancies in literature regarding functional changes  Digital Ageing Atlas
  15. renewal capacity declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  16. phagocytosis activity decreased in response to opsonized targets Digital Ageing Atlas
  17. functional decline and decreases in macrophage numbers in bone marrow Digital Ageing Atlas
  18. no changes in erythroid and myeloid progenitor cells evident Digital Ageing Atlas
  19. diminished superoxide production in response to Fc Digital Ageing Atlas
  20. cytomegalovirus infection incidence increases Digital Ageing Atlas
  21. phagocytosis activity unchanged in response to unopsonized targets Digital Ageing Atlas
  22. thymus involution Digital Ageing Atlas
  23. lower affinity antibodies generated Digital Ageing Atlas
  24. changes in composition of B-cell compartments Digital Ageing Atlas
  25. shift in antibody isotypes from IgG to IgM Digital Ageing Atlas
  26. telomere shortening Digital Ageing Atlas
  27. receptor expression alterations Digital Ageing Atlas
  28. interleukin-2 production declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  29. decreased function of epithelial barriers Digital Ageing Atlas
  30. T-cell diversity declines Digital Ageing Atlas
  31. vaccination antibody response is impaired Digital Ageing Atlas
  32. B cells' response to dendritic cell stimulation decreases Digital Ageing Atlas